About Concord & Partners

As one of the top law firms in mainland China since 1995, Concord & Partners became a partnership law firm by employing the same operating model as that used by top international law firms. Concord’s predecessor was the Beijing Foreign Economic Law Office which was established in 1983, at that time the most influential law firm in China. 

Apart from our headquarters in Beijing, we have branches in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Concord & Partners has established long-term and close cooperative relationships, as well as strategic partnership alliances, with a great many prestigious international law firms. Concord’s reputation and status enables us to satisfy our clients’ legal demands throughout North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia through our international service network. 

Concord & Partners’ legal service team consists of partners, lawyers, and legal assistants, all supported by a number of administrative and financial staff in logistics. Concord & Partners has established our high quality reputation in the field of legal services through a profound accumulation of experience, first in our previous incarnation as the Beijing Foreign Economic Law Office, and then subsequently through more than 10 years of independent progress. We have received awards and been recommended to others many times over in China as well as the Asia-Pacific Region. 

Concord & Partners’ legal service focuses on the most dynamic economic fields in China and the Asia-Pacific Region, including: merger & acquisition, project financing, inter-financial institutions strategic investment and financing via the capital market both within and outside the territory of China. Of course, Concord & Partners also attaches importance to maintaining and developing our traditional strengths, which are: foreign investment, real estate, intellectual property, arbitration and litigation. Our continued attention to these core areas guarantees that our clients’ basic legal requirements are satisfied on a timely and comprehensive basis. 

Concord & Partners is characterised by remarkable teamwork, which not only secures the efficient allocation of our firm’s human and public resources, but prevents potential conflict between multiple clients, thus guaranteeing the best possible consolidation of client resources. This high-calibre of teamwork ensures that our firm can provide high-quality and efficient services for clients through compliance with professional ethics. In this context, Concord & Partners remains unmatched, even among the fierce competition of legal services, while maintaining our advantages in many fields in the long run. 

All partners and lawyers within our firm have a good educational background and possess abundant work experience. A significant number of our partners and lawyers have studied and worked abroad, enabling us to understand our clients’ varied cultural backgrounds and provide the most appropriate solutions for our clients according to their particular demands. Through our optimum legal framework, operational strategies for the progress of our clients’ long-term interests are also developed. 

Our staff at Concord & Partners has a strong sense of responsibility and mission. Although there are only various positions in the firm, there is no differences in dignity or rank. We believe that the sustained development of Concord & Partners should embody the strength and wisdom of each of our staff members.